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How could we define the limit between sense and madness...?
That is in the verge of revelation... Perturbia!
What could be hidden in a building memory... nothing. Nothing...!! Nothing?
He though so the day he crossed the door of an old building in the middle of nowhere prompted by a curious add.
When the doors closed after him he had the sense of walking the path to the hell wouldn't be too far from the truth...The elevator that was carrying him to the fourth floor stopped suddenly while the lights turned from serene to disturbing in a blink of an eye, lights looked like the flash of lightning that foresee a thunderstorm, the elevator changed its course and plunged onto the basement.
Everything lasted a few seconds but for him seemed an eternity.
He decided forget the reasons that motivated his visit to the forth floor and began to look for an exit, an emergency door, an escape, but nothing appeared to be accessible, now he started to think how to get the hell out there, he didn't know then that this would be the most anguishing quest he never imagined, one that will make him rethink his view of his whole life. He had no companion but his old camera, his ability to overcome difficult situations and the fear that little by little was taking control of himself developing into terror at every twist of fate. He found the assignment of his life to make it out alive.

Avoiding dangerous situations solve puzzles that were laid out for him in that place which appeared to be madly familiar...

Comick book

    Wake up! Issue #03
  • - Coming soon
    Wake up! Issue #04
  • - Coming soon
We are also translating the comic to Russian, German and French, will soon be able to find them here
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